Developed in response to the environmental, economic and utilitarian needs of the era, CASIO became the first company in the world to develop a laser and LED light source for projectors in 2010. This Solid State Illumination (SSI) Light Source technology is gaining traction throughout the projector industry, as the new light source standard.

Casio’s laser and LED technology produce a light source that lasts approximately 20,000 hours. Start-up takes as little as five seconds, dramatically reducing waiting time before image projection. Power-down is achieved with one push of a button, and no cooldown is required before restarting. The dust resistant design helps to reduce deterioration of the projector luminance, reducing maintenance needs. When compared to more conventional mercury lamp projectors, Casio requires little to no maintenance which has a dramatic effect on the cost of ownership over the lifecycle of the projector. Also, an entry-level model, such as the Core Projector XJ-V100W, provides outstanding value for money.

Although the use of mercury is widely prohibited worldwide today, this hazardous substance continues to be employed as a light source for conventional projector lamps. Casio has eliminated the use of mercury from its products, making them far safer to operate in classrooms, especially around children. The adoption of an SSI light source, combined with Casio’s original energy-saving design, makes Casio projectors far safer and more environmentally friendly than many competing products.

Projectors in the learning environment should ideally provide a high-quality image while being safe to operate, easy to maintain and affordable. Casio’s range of Core Projectors ticks all of these boxes.

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